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documento | diagram by all 56 distances and 57 days by non-add-up criterion into rural Calendar by Lumbard language.

  • This diagram details the 19 ways to count by 56 days, including an elongation by 57 days. These 19 ways are 7+11+7+5+1=31 manners to count 56 or 57 days using the sum-up mode and also the non-add-up or “linear” mode, joining two or more totem poles with the ephemeris of equinoxes and solstices. Longest distances are by 4x56=224 days, and 26x56=1456 days, both in add-up mode, when the primitive longest distances are by 176 days and by 177+177=353 not 354 days, in non-add-up mode.

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