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documento | Complete List of Totem poles and Pickets, into rural Calendar by Lumbard language.

  • A List of all timekeeping markers into rural Calendar of Lumbard and mailander language, featuring hours and azimut of dawn and sunset, noon, and daylight duration, with names of 51 totem poles and position of 48 pickets, including the day Bis, and 2+2 equinoxes & solstices data, is the mathematical build or the numerical core of our Calendar. Types of proverbs are in brackets: many are day-markers (day) fifteen shows the minutes, so-called hours, added to duration of daylight (add) nine or 4+5 show how to use numbers or command to respect figures (numbers) three marks the limits of winter (limits) while four are claiming the longest night or the longest day, and twelve hours by day or by night, in a metaphorical fashion ever, not for tourist use.

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