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documento | The criterion of duodecimal count, by the ancient rural Calendar of Alps and Altaitalia hinterland, as used by Lumbard mathematics and language.

  • The criterion of “duodecimal” count (or by twelve series) into mathematical build of Alpina and Altaitalia rural Calendar, appear in this diagram compared with Roman “nundinal” criterion (or by nine series) and Greek “pentaeterikoi” criterion (or by five series) in use before Numa and in Olympia thousands years ago. All these three systems features a “non-add-up” mode, where the first number of a series is the last number of the preceding series, where for instance 12+12=23 not 24 days by Lumbard language, and 9+9=17 not 18 by Romans, and 5+5=9 not 10 by Greeks. This is a first of a series diagrams on criterion of count.

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