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video-es | Highly Endangered & Extinct 100 EK Gurmukhi Theory of Elements, Periodicity, Matrix & Alphabet Uni Streams Before, During & After 1469-1708 AD & IDIL

Here, our Main Focus, Concern and Concentration is on 100's of Streams of EK Gurmukhi Theory of Elements, Periodicity, Matrix and Alphabet Streams During (1469-1708 AD) the Ancient (Before 1469 AD) and Modern (After 1708) Streams, while these are also Highly Endangered and Extinct with IDIL (International Decade of Indigenous Languages) 2022-32 as well.

All of it seems to lack Proper Recognition without the Tatta-Tainka Manipulation for EK Gurmukhi Raga, Tala and Melody with Music, Harmonics and Cymatics with EK Theory of Elements, Cymatics and STEM Education.

Quick Reference: [1] https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLysQOzrSxdGQU_y2UYIWCEZQkpa0hgWZ-

It is about 550 Years Old EK Gurmukhi Theory of Elements with EK Cymatics (Newly Emerged and Breakthrough Subject, System and Stream of EK Theory of Elements, Matrix, Alphabet, Language, Music, Musicology and Healthcare Subjects and Systems as invented by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, while his successors and students also developed the Newest Universal Grammar of Music with Theory of Elements and Cymatics, which is also only about 540-50 Years Old.

It is also to be remarked here that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji for Gurmukhi Theory of Elements and his disciple (Sikh) Shri Guru Angad Dev Ji are credited for Gurmukhi Alphabet and Script while also deserving Nobel Prizes.

Furthermore, as the Sikh Gurus, they are from the Bedi and Sodhi Dynasties, which descended from Luv and Kush, the Twin Sons to Sita Ji and King and Lord Rama, who were born in Amritsar Sahib in Punjab during Sita Ji's Second Exile at Valmiki Ashrama, and Maharishi Valmik from the Communities and Lineages of Pre-Vedic Era of Pranava Veda blesses with the First Shloka in the Sanskrit Literature from Goddess Sharda (Sarasvati) and also wrote Holy Ramayana and educated it to Luv and Kush in Amritsar Sahib, and the Gurmukhi Language is said to have also emerged from it.

In all of it, Lord Buddha also belonged to Lord Rama, Luv-Kush and Lord Mahavira (with 22 Tirthankara) Genealogical Lineage Systems of Ikshvaku (Ik Vaku) Dynasty, and that is also where Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Other Nine Sikh Gurus were also born as their descendent as well.

Quick Link References: [1] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/335929027_A_Little_Introduction_with_Some_Final_Outputs_of_the_EK_Gurmukhi_Akshara-Achhara-Akhara_Metric_Systems_with_the_EK_Gurmukhi_Bi-Akshara_Metric_Systems_for_the_Newest_Universal_Grammar_of_EK_Gurmukhi_Un

In all of it, the EK Gurmukhi Akshara, Akhara, Achhara and Cymatics also form, postulate, found, research and develop the 4 World Community Streams as well, where these 4 Streams have been following the Most Ancient Streams of World Education of the EK Akshara, Akhara, Achhara and Cymatics in the Most Modern Streams as invented and founded by the 10 Sikh Gurus from 1469 AD to 1708 AD with the Traditional University Systems and Streams of the EK Gurmukhi Akshara, Akhara, Achhara and Cymatics.

It is also to be remarked here that the EK Gurmukhi Akshara, Akhara, Achhara and Cymatics are One of the Streams in the EK Phonetics, Phonemics, Allophonics and Cymatics respectively, where Every World Language has its Own and Unique Stream in the said.

It is also important in the Indigenous Language Decade of 2022-32 by UNESCO with Special Case of EK Gurmukhi Theory of Elements and Language Systems with Music as well.

It is also with the EK Gurmukhi Element (Tat), Letter (Akhar), Alphabet (35, the Painty Akhari) & Script with 100 Traditional University Streams as Phonetic, Phonemic, Allophonic, Phonic and Sonic Alphabet Streams further with STEM Education, Music, Harmonics, Cymatics with YouTube Research Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJHvemWKmzw) and 3 Event Streams for it.

The 3 Streams of Events for it are also discussed here: Welcoming Event of Proposed Set of Solutions for Covid-19 Pandemic, 5D DNA, Essential Oils, Immunity Boosting, EK Gurmukhi Translational Phases and Cymatics by Proposed EK Gurmukhi University with STEM Ed & Cymatics (Introductory and Simplified Version) as well.

Quick Link References: [1] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/355669344_Welcoming_Event_of_Proposed_Set_of_Solutions_for_Covid-19_Pandemic_5D_DNA_Essential_Oils_Immunity_Boosting_EK_Gurmukhi_Translational_Phases_and_Cymatics_by_Proposed_EK_Gurmukhi_University_with_STEM_Ed

While in general, the EK Gurmukhi Alphabet also has about 100 Traditional University Streams linked to it with Proposed 100 Lab Streams.

So, the Appeals to WIPO TK, WIPO DOCIP, UNESCO ICH and UNESCO Heritage of Religious Interest with the UNESCO Initiative on Heritage of Religious Interest for these Traditional Universities all over the world have also been made and submitted, where the Euler Identity has also been used to make it Science Language, Math, Music and Art System, where thus it also emerges as Traditional STEM Education Systems, which align well with the UNESCO STI SAGA and TVET Conjectures.

In all of it, the World Indigenous Languages also accompany World Genealogies, which are given here for reference, and it will be discussed more in a special resource post for it.

Quick Research Publication Reference: [1] Ek Vaku Ikshvaku Bikrami Jagdev Parmar Tarkhan Ramgarhia and Baba Vishwakarma World Genealogies, Languages & IDIL with WIPO IP with TK and TCE Streams (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/370469785_Ek_Vaku_Ikshvaku_Bikrami_Jagdev_Parmar_Tarkhan_Ramgarhia_and_Baba_Vishwakarma_World_Genealogies_Languages_IDIL_with_WIPO_IP_with_TK_and_TCE_Streams)

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One can read, review and view it in the YouTube Research Video Playlist:

Quick YouTube Research Video Playlist Reference: [1] Highly Endangered & Extinct 100 EK Gurmukhi Theory of Elements, Periodicity, Matrix & Alphabet Uni Streams Before, During & After 1469-1708 AD & IDIL (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLysQOzrSxdGRVeUC9SDPPfs8Q6zuaIrGw)

[2] Facebook Page Post Discussions: Indigenous Languages Decade 2022-32 WIPO Gurmukhi Punjabi Dialects & Geni’s (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100092188823597)

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