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XXI Regional festival-competition of national cultures “Wreath of Friendship”

The XXI Regional Festival-competition of national Cultures “Wreath of Friendship” (hereinafter – the festival-competition) is held in accordance with the Calendar plan of the main events of the Sverdlovsk State Regional Palace of Folk Art for 2024.

The founders

  • Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk region;
  • GAUK SO “Sverdlovsk State Regional Palace of Folk Art” (hereinafter – SGODNT).


  • Department of Culture of the Irbit municipality;
  • Municipal budgetary institution “Centralized club system of the Irbit municipality” (MBU CKS);
  • The Nitsinsky rural House of culture of MBU CKS.

Goals and objectives

  • popularization of national creativity and traditions of the peoples of the Middle Urals;
  • preservation and development of national cultures;
  • identification and support of talented national performers and creative teams;
  • creating conditions for cultural exchange of work experience with national teams.

Dates and venue

The XXI Regional festival-competition of national cultures “Wreath of Friendship” is held on May 25, 2024 in the Nitsinsky rural House of Culture at: Irbitskiy district, village of Nitsinskoye, Tsentralnaya str., house 61a.

Conditions and procedure of the event

National collectives, individual performers working on the basis of cultural and leisure institutions, national cultural autonomies and associations, as well as creative families can take part in the festival-competition.

Each cultural and leisure institution can submit to the competition program no more than three creative teams, no more than two individual performers and no more than 1 number in each nomination.

The quantitative composition and age of the participants are not limited.

Groups working in the pop genre are not allowed to participate in the festival-competition.

Nominations of the festival-competition:

  • vocals (folk song, author’s song in folk style, folklore songwriting);
  • choreography (folk stage dance, traditional dance based on folklore material of the peoples of the Middle Urals);
  • instrumental creativity (folk instruments);
  • decorative and applied art;
  • national farmstead;
  • a folk game.

Contact phone numbers:

Irbit MO: Irina Viktorovna Ryzhova – Head of the Folk Art Department of the municipal budgetary institution “Centralized Club System of the Irbit Municipality” (hereinafter MBU CCS)
Chashchina Anna Nikolaevna – methodologist for the club work of the Department of Folk Art of the MBU CKS e-mail: venokd@mail.ru tel. 8(343) 557-77-69

Ekaterina Borisovna Chukreeva — methodologist of the Department of Folk Art of the MBU CKS

Simonova Elena Leonidovna — Artistic director of the Nitsinsky SDK MBU CKS

Baklanova Nadezhda Sergeevna — Head of the Cultural and mass work sector of the Nitsinsky KFOR MBU CKS

e-mail: tsentr.remesel.sdk@mail.ru
tel. 8-952-727-10-52