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XV Regional competition of children’s Kazakh creativity “Anshi balapan-Singing chick”

69,407 Kazakhs live on the territory of the Omsk region (According to the All-Russian Census of 2020). This is the second largest population in the region. From time immemorial, all age groups of the population and, of course, children took part in aul and family celebrations – toys, in folk entertainment. The most gifted singers, right in the crowd, in the circle of people having fun, demonstrated their skills, their momentary improvisational skills.

In order to promote the preservation of the traditional culture of the Kazakhs of the Omsk region, the development of children’s amateur art, deepening the knowledge of the Kazakh language, identifying new creative talents and attracting children to creative work in the Omsk region, a competition of children’s Kazakh creativity “Anshibalapan – Singing chick” is held.

The competition is an open creative competition of amateur groups of cultural institutions, Kazakh national-cultural associations of the Omsk region. It is attended by amateur artists who present their art in six categories: “Solo singing”, “Vocal ensemble”, “Folk dance”, “Instrumental performance: solo”, “Instrumental performance: ensemble” and “Artistic word”. Traditionally, the contestants are evaluated by two juries – professional and honorary.

A mandatory requirement is the performance of works in the Kazakh language and the presence of a national costume or a stage outfit with elements of a national costume.

Children of two age categories can participate in the creative competition: from 5 to 10 years old and from 11 to 15 years old.

Traditionally, the competition is held in three rounds: I (selection) round – preliminary selection of performers on the ground (at the place of residence of the contestants). The winners of the 1st round are sent by the cultural authorities of the municipal districts of the Omsk region to participate in the 2nd round of the competition. II (qualifying) round and the Final of the competition are held in the Omsk House of Friendship.

The number of participants in competitive events is growing every year, new stars are lit, and the performing skills of the contestants are improving.

The competition is held 1 time in 2 years under the program of the Regional Festival of National Cultures “Unity”.