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“The Many Colours of Fairy Shadows”: Theatrical productions based on fairy tales from different nations

Fairy tales are the first school of life in any country. Children read them from an early age.

The aim of this event is to learn the peculiarities of life and culture of different people with the help of their fairy tales, thus arousing children’s interest towards culture and traditions of both our and foreign countries.

Shadow play is an ancient theater. The mechanism of its working is very simple: the use of a figure or object    shadow falling on the screen when illuminated.

Our library has a lot of books devoted to different folk tales.

The preparatory process of this project will consist of selection of repertoire, selection of children who will participate in workshops dedicated to creating scenery and recording audio tracks, putting on “shadow performances” for a wide audience, recording performances and sharing the material on the Internet.

You can see our performances and workshops from September to December 2022.